Great Lakes Hoisting now operates 25 cranes full-time, each with impressive lifting capabilities of up to 300 tons and extensions reaching up to 400 feet. This extensive fleet enables us to tackle a wide variety of projects with precision and efficiency. We leverage our skilled manpower and specialized heavy lift equipment to help customers maintain their operations with minimal disruption, thereby reducing the need for internal resources. Our highly skilled crane operators manage every aspect of a project, from initial consultation to final execution, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

By employing a broad fleet of specialized crane equipment, Great Lakes Hoisting can tailor lifting solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer on a project-specific basis. Whether it's a complex industrial installation or a routine maintenance task, we customize our approach to deliver the best results. Our commitment to excellence and adaptability ensures that we can handle the most challenging lifting assignments with ease, providing reliable and efficient service every time.