Rigging Service

Great Lakes is Michigan's premier rigging, and specialty transportation contractor. Whether it is one small machine or complete plant relocation, Great Lakes is your experienced full service industrial moving company.

In this example our 40 ton crane was contracted with our rigging specialist to place this 30' wide, 16,000 pound press box. Utilizing spreader bars, carriage bars, a 4 leg cable sling and a 20 ton snatch block the crane was able to place the press box exactly where needed. The use of nylon straps and wire rope to prevent any damage shows Great Lakes attention to detail.

In this example our 40 ton crane and 75 ton crane worked together to lift the bulk storage vessel from horizontal position to a vertical position. Our rigging specialist coordinated this lift between the 2 cranes.

This rigging example shows our 40 ton crane lifting a new ice maker. The rigging specialist had to guide the new icemaker into a very small area next to very expensive and highly sensitive machinery, in addition to being next to a web of high pressure ammonia pipes. This rigging example shows the precision capabilities provided by Great Lakes Hoisting.